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We know how difficult an experience moving house can be.

The widespread reach of the internet has streamlined our everyday lives, and this includes the process of selling your home.

Instead of waiting months for a home sale, we can make it happen in a matter of days.

Here at Home Sales Fast we could value your home, arrange all the legal paperwork and finalise the sale in less than week.

We complete the process fast

Here at Home Sales Fast, we will ensure you avoid any unnecessary stress when trying to sell your property.

We take out the middle man, removing Estate Agents from the equation and getting you a sale that doesn't take months to finalise.

Depending on how fast you want to sell, we could get you moving in just one week!

Cash in 7 Days

We have an enquiry form which property owners can fill out to tell us about their property.

Our team will provide you with an initial offer within 24 hours of this form being submitted.

We use professional property surveyors to then get our final offer to you, all within one week if neccessary.

That’s a SEVEN DAY turnaround from you completing our online form to having the money in your account!

Selling your property quickly has never been so easy!

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House Sales Differences

We want to use a typical house with a value of £100,000, that is still paying mortgage payments.

On the left is an example of the selling process with a local estate agents, on the right is our process.

  • 9 months

Market Value £100,000
Agreed Price £95,000
Estate Agent Fees £91,000
Mortgage Payments £86,200
Bills and Repairs £82,700
Final Price £82,700

  • 7 days

Market Value £100,000
Agreed Price £80,000
Estate Agent Fees £0
Mortgage Payments £0
Bills and Repairs £0
Final Price £80,000

This single table tells you everything you need to know about the comparative difference between our service at Home Sales Fast and the service from an estate agent.

Objectively we can see that the estate agents achieved a higher final sale price in a timeline of six to nine months.

Home Sales Fast got a final price of £2,700 less, but the house was sold within 7 days.

Now ask yourself the all important question:

Is it worth waiting nine months for an extra two and a half thousand pounds?

Especially when more and more people want to sell a house quickly because of various reasons.

While this is only a representative example, and some homes may achieve more or less than this final price, it still says a lot about the advantage of our service here at Home Sales Fast.

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