Buying and selling property is a huge commitment and nobody wants to be hit with large estate agent fees after emptying your pockets for the deposit, stamp duty, legal fees and removal expenses.

Commission on properties usually ranges between 0.75% and 1.5% plus VAT for estate agents.

Check out our comparison table below…

Property Price Estate Agent 0.75% + VAT Estate Agent 1.5% + VAT Home Sales Fast Fees
£250,000 £2,250 £4,500 £0
£425,000 £3,825 £7,650 £0
£600,000 £5,400 £10,800 £0
£850,000 £7,650 £15,300 £0
£1,000,000 £9,000 £18,000 £0

Our service is different, in that we do not charge you any fees throughout the whole process!

Our initial offer is free and you are not obliged to accept it in any way.

If you decide you would like to proceed, even after our valuation and final offer you are free to take your time and think about it.

We even cover all of the legal costs involved!

Since we buy any house regardless of condition or area, we will ever refuse any home!

How much can you get?

Complete a few details to see if your property qualifies and get a cash offer

Happy with your inital offer?

If you are satisfied with the offer we have given you, here is the process which follows...

Step 01

You will receive two phone calls.

  • One from us to arrange an appointment from our property surveyors
  • The other call will be from the solicitor who will talk you through the paperwork they will send to you.

Step 02

You will need to then complete and return the paperwork to the lawers. Please note that, until the solicitor receives this, we cannot progress to the final offer stage.

Step 03

Once we've received the valuation report and all the legal documents have been completed, we provide a final price for your property.

Step 04

You can then accept the offer and confirm a completion date that works for you!

The cheapest way to sell your house

If you want to avoid paying any unnecessary agent fees when you sell your home, get in contact with us today. As well as offering a no fee solution to selling your property quickly, advantages of selling with us also include…

  • We provide a fast and simple way to sell your home. We use our own cash funds which means we can buy your property striaght away. We can operate to any timescale you provide, and could be closing a deal with you in only 7 days.
  • We are the market leader when it comes to the cash home-buying sector. We have been buying and selling properties for a long time, so we know a thing or two about what is involved.
  • Our offers are fair and based on expert valuations that allow us to get an accurate price for your property that you will be happy with.

Selling your home online is easy and can be done right now!

If you are in the UK you can get a valuation for your property in less than 24 hours.

Just enter your details into our online form and you could be selling your home in just 7 days!

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