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Selling property quickly used to be near impossible in the days before online house sales.

Even in today’s information age, there is still some confusion and lack of awareness amongst property sellers and buyers.

There are some who believe that online property buyers are time wasters that are essentially acting as middle men for other organisations.

Thanks to poor practitioners, some people have had their fingers burned by online house buyers, but the truth is that even local estate agents have messed people around in the past.

The one saving grace that the property industry has nowadays is the fact that we have online reviews and recommendations that essentially give online properties companies that seal of approval.

It only takes a few bad reviews from customers that have had a negative experience with a company and people tend to lose their trust in them entirely.

This puts great pressure on organisations to act in a way that is fair and beneficial to their clients and customers, and we think that this is a very good thing.

Check out our reviews if you have any doubts, we have had hundreds of happy customers use our service and we are proud of our 5 star reputation.

Quick Home Sale That Is Stress Free

One of the biggest things that we have found when selling a home via the traditional route of going with an estate agent is the unfortunate stress and anxiety that is involved in the whole process.

This stress is amplified when you are looking for a fast home sale, especially if you are in a situation that doesn’t give you much time to hang around waiting for a buyer to come along.

There are many reasons that might cause home owners to look for a way to sell their home quickly, and if these reasons are already causing you stress and uncertainty, you don’t want to be adding to this anxiety with a stressful house sale process.

If you want a quick home sale that is stress free, Home Sales Fast are one of the leading house buyers in the UK that can get you out of a tight spot fast so that you can get on with your life.

All it takes is a quick online form or phone call to ourselves and you could be selling your home in a week.

Our initial discovery call is no obligation and completely free, so get in touch and you will be amazed at how fast you can sell your house.

How much can you get?

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How Much Do We Pay

We like to be upfront about our service and our approach to our home buying service.

In general, using a fast home selling service such as ours will rarely achieve the same sale price as selling on the open market would.

We think however, and most of our customers tend to agree, that this slight reduction in sale price is worth the benefit you get of selling your home quickly to a cash buyer like ourselves.

We tend to pay around 80% of the market value of your home, depending on area and condition, but this reduction reflects the incredibly quick property sale process, as well as the full completion of all legal work and fees that we undertake on your behalf.

If you have time to wait for a home sale through a letting agent, then by all means you should wait and hopefully get the maximum value that you can achieve.

But bear in mind that the average home sale on the open market can take up to 6 months, and some people even wait over a year before their home sale is finalised.

If you are in the position where you simply cannot wait months or even years for your home to be sold on the open market, having the option of selling a property quickly for cash is a real advantage, and people are thrilled when they learn that we buy any home and can offer them a cash pay-out in a timescale as short as 7 days.

Representative Quick Home Sale

Yes, the amount we offer is less than the average market value, but the time that it takes is substantially less, and with no fees or lengthy viewings to worry about, it is extremely attractive for home owners.

  • 6 months

Market Value £400,000
Price After Survey £355,000
Price After Agent Fees (1%) £351,450
Price After Legal Fees (.75%) £348,815
Price After Mortgage £344,815
Price After Monthly Bills £342,275
Final Price £342,275

  • 7 Days

Market Value £400,000
Price After Survey £320,000
Price After Agent Fees £320,000
Price After Legal Fees £320,000
Price After Mortgage £320,000
Price After Monthly Bills £320,000
Final Price £320,000

Losing Money On Your Home Sale?

The above table shows very clearly how waiting on the open market can be costly to home owners, and since the property market can take turns for the worst, the result could be even worse than our example.

They are losing money over time on outgoings such as mortgage payments and monthly bills, and depending on how long you have to wait for a sale, these outgoings could easily add up to a value that brings your final sale price to one that is lower than the one we could offer.

The deductions in fees also take a considerable chuck off the average home sale final value, and these fees can vary widely depending on the agencies and organisations involved.

It all comes down to whether you put more value on the money gained versus the time saved, and whether or not you can afford to wait for a sale on the open market.

If you would rather save the time and the hassle with your property sale, get in touch with us today and we can get you moving quickly and easily.

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