Selling Your Property Online

Online house sales have sky-rocketed in popularity, but what are the key things you need to know when you want to sell your home online?

We want to arm the property market with the facts that they need to make their own informed decision about what is involved when you are selling a property online.

We will attempt to dispel any disinformation around the subject, as well as present the case in favour for selling your home through the internet and why it is all round better for you and for buyers.

Selling your house online is one of the most straight forward ways you can sell a property, and in todays digital age it is one of the best ways to reach a wider audience and get a fast property sale.

Home Buyers Are Online

Most people are aware that the majority of people looking to buy a property start their search online, and home owners can even find the value of their home on the internet.

It gives buyers a general idea of the current state of the market, the popularity of that area, how competitive it is, and what they are getting for their money.

Almost all professional estate agents also advertise online, so buyers can find properties that they are interested in and get in touch with estate agents from there.

You may also be surprised to learn that property agents themselves use the internet to find potential properties that are up for private sale, and developers will source houses that need work from online sources before doing them up and then selling them on.

The interconnectivity of the web makes it so much easier for buyers and sellers alike, and the industry is increasingly moving towards an online driven marketplace.

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Is It Cheaper To Sell My House Online?

This question gets asked a lot, as homeowners are concerned that they could be wasting money unnecessarily on estate agent’s fees.

Objectively, it is almost always cheaper to sell your home online and avoid all those added fees and costs that estate agents take in order to provide their service.

However, it is important to remember that estate agents will always do their best to achieve the maximum sale price for your home, since their commission is usually based on a percentage.

So while an online agent such as ourselves doesn’t take any fees when we buy your home, we tend to pay a price that is slightly less than the final price that a estate agent would pay.

However, when you factor in the element of time into the equation, this difference generally becomes less significant to home owners.

We buy any home that is out there, regardless of condition or what area your property is in, which is ideal if you have had your property on the market for a while and it hasn’t sold.

Let’s Talk About Home Sale Fees

A typical estate agent will charge anywhere from 0.75% – 1.5% and that is not inclusive of VAT.

Remember, a home sale is a large value transaction, so while this figure may not seem like much, we have to look at it in context to get a proper idea of what this does to the amount you receive when you sell your home.

This comparison table outlines the typical estate agent fees in relation to some representative house prices:

Property Value Estate Agent Fee at 0.75% + VAT Estate Agent Fee at 1.5% + VAT
£250,000 £2,250 £4,500
£500,000 £4,500 £9,000
£1,000,000 £9,000 £18,000

As you can see, the fees taken by the average estate agent can really eat into your final sale value, and this is before you factor in legal fees and other deductions that may have to be applied.

With Home Sales Fast, there are no additional fees on top of the amount that you are offered.

We cover all of the legal fees, factoring them into the equation when we generate your home sale offer.

We think that this is the best way to keep it simple for our sellers, and it minimises the confusion felt when you have a long list of fees applied to the sale of your home.

Selling House Online Process

The process of selling your house online with us is incredibly straightforward, with minimal effort on your part and a very quick turnaround.


Get in touch with us via our online form, providing basic details about you and your home


We will then get in touch and provide you with an offer


If you are happy with it then we will arrange for a property surveyor to value the property


You will be contacted by lawyers on our behalf who will talk you through paperwork that they will send you


Once you have completed the paperwork and we have received the valuation report, we will provide you with a final offer for your house


Then you can accept this offer and schedule a completion date that works for you

It is as simple as that, no endless viewings and time wasting, just a fair offer and complete transparency about our process.

There are a number of situations that can force a quick sale of your home, and if you are happy with a sale price that is slightly less than the one you would receive on the open market after waiting up to 1 year, then we can get the ball rolling.

The Cheapest Way To Sell Your House

Without any fees or additional charges that you have to pay when selling your house, Sell Homes Fast is undoubtedly the cheapest way to sell your house.

On top of this, we represent one of the fastest ways to sell a house, with the average turnaround being only a week.

We do not use any loans or building societies to pay for your house, which means that we can pay straight away for the offer we make.

We use our own cash funds that we have sitting in the bank ready to make home purchases, which means that with us you really can sell fast.

Since we make make hundereds of property purchases every year, we know exactly what we are doing and will never intentionally waste your time.

If you are in the UK, simply enter your details into our online form or give us a call today and see what we could offer you for your property.

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