You Have Inherited A Property Which You Can’t Afford To Maintain

Property is an important asset which can be used as a source of income or as home. However, properties can also prove to be financial burdens and restrictive if they begin to fall into disrepair and run up costly repairs that may require your attention. There are a number of different ways in which you can find a solution to resolving the issue of inheriting a property that you are no longer able to maintain or afford.

Evaluate Your Options

  1. One of the best things you can do when considering what action to take is evaluating your options. Evaluating your options is essential as failure to do so could result in you taking a bad deal for your property or trying to sell it impulsively with little foresight or research into how well it may do on the market.
  2. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the different options that are available to you. One of the best ways in which you can tackle this issue is by evaluating why you can’t maintain your inherited property. For example, you may have a shortfall in income, the property may be too large, there may be too many repairs etc.
  3. Once you have established what the issue is with the property and why you cannot afford to fix it, your next steps are to decide what to do with the property. You have a number of different options available to you. If the property has limited damage/faults and is repairable, you may then wish to borrow money to invest in the property.
  4. However, there are of course a number of risks which can be associated with doing this. One of the main risks which can be associated with doing this is mounting costs. You may find that once you have begun investing the property soon becomes a money pit. Therefore, it is essential that you ensure you have your finances in order to be able to evaluate the risks before going ahead with this option.
  5. There are of course other options which you can consider when looking to solve the issue of inheriting a property that you cannot afford. One of the more popular resolutions for this issue is selling your property.

Owning An Inherited Property

By remaining in possession of an inherited property, there are a number of advantages that you can enjoy. However, there are of course also disadvantages which come about as a result of owning an inherited property. For example, one of the disadvantages is cash flow. Inherited properties can be very expensive depending on their condition. This can be financially damaging if you are already paying rates on a property which you are paying a mortgage on rent on.

However, one of the main advantages which you can enjoy of owning an inherited property is that you own a valuable financial asset. This means that you could sell the property for a significant amount of money or alternatively you may choose to Let it out in order to offset its overall costs.

When you are considering what to do with an inherited property it is important to look at the positives and negatives of owning an inherited property. Let’s take a closer look at some of these factors.


  • Can require extensive maintenance and upkeep in order to remain in good working order
  • Can become a drain on finances and income
  • If left unchanged then the property could fall into disrepair and become a less valuable asset
  • Properties that have become inherited don’t always carry a high value and can depreciate over time
  • It can take a while to gain full possession of the property whilst legal documentation is being sifted through and processed


  • Owning an inherited property means you have additional financial assets
  • Inherited properties can be refurbished or improved at relatively low cost and sold for a healthy profit providing that the property is in demand
  • Inherited properties can be sold for significant amount or alternatively used as an asset in order to help facilitate other property deals
  • Can be used as a letting opportunity
  • Advice can be sourced on the upkeep of the property and how to best maintain it
  • The property could be used as your primary home if it is more suitable than your current property. Therefore you could sell your home and live in this one
  • There are a wide range of options available to you in order for you to sell your property fast

Clearly from the information we can see there are a variety of different positives and negatives which can come about as a result of inheriting a property. Often a lot of these variables will depend on the size of the property you are inheriting as well as your own financial situation. For example if you have inherited a smaller size property and you are financially secure then this could be a handy asset to let out to people who are looking to rent on the property market. However maintenance costs as well as time commitments to the property should always be carefully considered.

Choosing What To Do With Your Inherited Property

Once you have established the basics and a good understanding of owning an inherited property , your next steps are to choose what to do with the property. There are a number of different options at your disposal which we have looked at. However we will now look at these different options in more detail to establish which option might suit your needs best depending on your circumstances and location.

Letting Out A Property

Letting out also known as renting out a property is a process through which the property owner or landlord allows tenants to stay in a property in exchange for a monthly or weekly fee. This is one of the most popular forms of property exchange throughout the UK.

If you have recently inherited a property , you may well be considering this option as an alternative to selling the property quickly in return for a cash sum. There are a lot of different things you should carefully consider if you are thinking about renting out your property that you have inherited.

One factor that is often overlooked is family history. Think about who has owned the house and whether it has been in the family for generations. If it has , this could be an area for conflict amongst the family if you choose to rent it out to outsiders without proper consultation.

Another key factor which you should take into consideration is the overall amount of time you will need to spend maintaining and looking after the property. Many landlords and property owners have a misconception that renting out a property is easy passive income which requires minimum engagement. This isn’t always the case as issues can arise with the property which may cause grievances with the tenants of the property.

Renting a property can provide a sustainable form of additional income , but it is important to remember the responsibilities associated with being a good landlord. You may be expected to do the following:

  1. Check in with tenants periodically to ensure that their home is comfortable and suitable for their requirements
  2. Ensure that appliances are working within the property and that safety measures are in place e.g fire alarms , smoke detectors etc
  3. Cleaning and general maintenance of the property to make sure it is clean and presentable
  4. Arranging payment and booking/cancellation of appointments as and when necessary

Selling Your Inherited Property

One of the best options that you have available to you if you are considering what to do with an inherited property is selling. Selling your property has multiple benefits. If you decide that selling property quickly is the best option , there are a number of different things that you should take into account before you settle for selling.

One of the first crucial questions you should ask yourself is whether you see long-term prospects for the property. For example , you may want your children or relatives to stay in that property.

Consulting with them is the best way to find a solution to this issue. Although on the other hand , if you do choose to do this. It could prove to be a significant financial burden for a long period of time well into the future. Therefore you need to carefully consider what your options are.

If you do choose to sell your inherited property , a property buying service online is by fat the most effective and efficient way in which you can sell your property for a good price. As well as being offered a good cash price for your inherited property you may even wish to consider selling your home online as well.

By selling your property using an online selling service you can get a cash offer for your property within a matter of days. Furthermore , there are no hidden fees or legal costs involved in the sale of your property.

This allows for a smoother and overall more transparent sales process for you and the property buying service. This is an excellent way to sell an inherited property which is financially viable to maintain and own in the short or long term future.

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