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Selling a house in England quickly can be tough when you go down the traditional route of selling through an estate agent.

Estate agents generally base their commission charge on a percentage of your final house sale, which means they can sometimes set the guide price ridiculously high.

The problem is, this guide price does not always reflect the true value of your home.

Here at Home Sales Fast, we offer you a price for your home that is fair and reflective of current market prices, as well as the condition of your property.

To get a fast house sale, we offer you a price that is only slightly lower than the final price you would receive on the open market.

The difference is we can pay you this amount in only one week, whereas most estate agents can take up to a year to finalise a house sale.

In this time, you are still paying mortgage payments, bills, and could be paying for costly repairs that are a requirement in order to get the sale of your home.

  • Guaranteed fast sale
  • Help with clearance if needed
  • Help with storage if necessary
  • Get an offer within 24 hours
  • We cover all costs (inc. legal fees)
  • Best prices in the industry

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Selling a House In England With a Difference

Home Sales Fast represent a great new way to sell your home quickly and easily.

If you’re selling a house in England and want to avoid all the stress and uncertainty that is involved when you sell via an estate agents, we can help.

We are one of the UK’s leading property buyers, and we have extensive experience buying houses all over England.

Our revolutionary new way of dealing with home sales mean that you could be selling your home in just one week, as well as avoiding a lot of hassle.

Here’s why we think you will like our service:

  • Sell your home in as little as one week
  • No agent’s fees
  • No legal costs
  • No endless viewings
  • No hassle
  • No obligation service

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How much can you get?

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Representative Quick Home Sale

Yes, the amount we offer is less than the average market value, but the time that it takes is substantially less, and with no fees or lengthy viewings to worry about, it is extremely attractive for home owners.

  • 6 months

Market Value £400,000
Price After Survey £355,000
Price After Agent Fees (1%) £351,450
Price After Legal Fees (.75%) £348,815
Price After Mortgage £344,815
Price After Monthly Bills £342,275
Final Price £342,275

  • 7 Days

Market Value £400,000
Price After Survey £320,000
Price After Agent Fees £320,000
Price After Legal Fees £320,000
Price After Mortgage £320,000
Price After Monthly Bills £320,000
Final Price £320,000

Buy Any House England

One of the main attractions to our service is the fact that we buy any house that you have to offer.

We buy all properties regardless of condition or the area that it is located.

If you have been waiting months to sell you home on the property market and it just isn’t selling, we can offer you a price and get you moving quickly.

Selling a House Quickly In England

If you want to sell your house quickly online, you can get started today!

Get in touch via our online form and we will give you an initial offer in 24 hours.

A professional home surveyor then visits your property to assess the conditional and draws up a detailed home report for us.

We then make our final offer, which if you accept will be the amount that you receive.

No hidden fees, no hassle, just a clear and transparent service that we want you to be happy with.

England Property Buyers

We specialise in getting a fast house sale for home owners in England.

We buy any property in any location in England and the rest of the UK, so if you want to sell your home quickly, get in touch today!

We are looking to buy houses in the following locations in England right now:

The North

The Midlands

The South

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