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When it comes to selling your house, you essentially have three options:

Your local estate agent

The traditional, tried and tested way

Online property agencies

The latest way to reach a wider audience

Home Sales Fast

The fastest and easiest way to sell your house

Each option has their own pros and cons, but you might be surprised to learn that, in general, each method arrives at a very similar result in terms of the amount you receive for your home.

This begs the question – are local estate agencies even worth it?  When we can give you a fast cash offer for your home that is very close to the amount you receive on the open market?

A true valuation of your property can be hard to get from estate agents, but with us its simple.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the details, since you should have all the information you need to make a decision before committing to any one of them.

What’s The Best Way to Sell My House Fast?

This question gets asked alot.

We believe that there is a certain level of misunderstanding within most homeowners.

Through no fault of their own, they simply do not have all the facts they need to make an informed decision about selling a house quickly.

For most people, their home is the single most valuable asset they have in their possession, so it makes sense to maximise any returns on this investment if a quick sale is what you are trying to achieve.

We think that the best way to fully appreciate the gravity of the situation is with an example.

House Sales Differences

We want to use a typical house with a value of £100,000, that is still paying mortgage payments.

On the left is an example of the selling process with a local estate agents, on the right is our process.

  • 9 months

Market Value £100,000
Agreed Price £95,000
Estate Agent Fees £91,000
Mortgage Payments £86,200
Bills and Repairs £82,700
Final Price £82,700

  • 7 days

Market Value £100,000
Agreed Price £80,000
Estate Agent Fees £0
Mortgage Payments £0
Bills and Repairs £0
Final Price £80,000

This single table tells you everything you need to know about the comparative difference between our service at Home Sales Fast and the service from an estate agent.

Objectively we can see that the estate agents achieved a higher final sale price in a timeline of six to nine months.

Home Sales Fast got a final price of £2,700 less, but the house was sold within 7 days.

Now ask yourself the all important question:

Is it worth waiting nine months for an extra 2 and a half thousand pounds?

Especially when more and more people want to sell a house quickly because of various reasons.

While this is only a representative example, and some homes may achieve more or less than this final price, it still says a lot about the advantage of our service here at Home Sales Fast.

Sell Your House The Easy Way

It can be incredibly frustrating selling through an estate agent, what with the endless waiting about, signing forms, doing surveys, taking viewings and general uncertainty of it all.

With us it’s different, and our process is as easy as this:

  • Get in touch via our online enquiry form
  • We will contact you within 24 hours with an initial cash offer
  • If you like the offer we make, then we will arrange for the property to be checked in person
  • We will then make a final offer based on the condition of your home
  • Once you accept this offer, you could get a cash pay out within 7 days
  • The amount we offer is the amount you get – no hidden fees
  • We buy any home regardless of condition

It is that simple, no hassle, no waiting, no hidden fees.

Home sales shouldn’t be complicated, and the real value is in the time that you will save.

Instead of waiting up to nine months to sell your house, you can sell fast in just one week, and get almost the same amount at the end as you would have with an estate agents.

Most importantly, you are selling to a cash buyer that has the funds already available to make a speedy payment, meaning no waiting around.

That is why selling without an estate agent offers homeowners numerous benefits.

Reasons To Sell Your Home Quickly

Time is precious, especially in this day and age when we all lead busy lives that sometimes just can’t make time for lengthy home sale scenarios.

We understand that there are times in life that forces the sale of your home, and waiting for an estate agent home sale is simply not an option.

We have extensive experience managing these tricky situations for our clients, and we are on hand to advise anyone who needs to sell their home in a prompt manner for any reason.

Sometimes life can put you in challenging situations that forces the sale of your home, and the added pressure of this can be a lot to handle on your own.

How much can you get?

Complete a few details to see if your property qualifies and get a cash offer

Property Inheritance Sale

This is a very common and complex situation that can arise when the inheritors of a property are unsure of what to do with the house.

There are often a number of people involved, which puts added pressure on the whole situation.

It this kind of scenario, a quick and stress-free sale is often the best thing for everyone involved.

We have extensive experience dealing with probate matters, and can get you a quick inheritance home sale that provides resolution for everyone.

Divorce Property Sale

Going though a divorce can be very difficult for everyone involved, and the added stress of having to wait around for you home to be sold can make it all the more painful.

Many people going through a divorce choose to sell their home though us, which reduces the stress of having to include it in the divorce proceedings.

An agreement can be made before the offer is accepted so that the house is sold in manner that is agreeable to both parties.

Debt Forces House Sale

If you are struggling with debt and can’t keep up with your financial commitments, you are not alone.

We have helped hundreds of people break free of their debt problems with a quick and fair sale of their home.

For many people this marks a new chapter in their life where they can start living debt free, without the stress and anxiety looming over them.


Many people cannot keep up with their mortgage payments and could be facing repossession of their property.

Selling without an estate agent will provide a quick solution to relieve them of this situation.

Even if you are going through the repossession process, we can buy your house and get you the cash you need to stop the repossession process.

Selling Property Quickly With Home Sales Fast

We buy any house quickly for cash, regardless of the condition and no matter your personal circumstances.

We understand that many people are looking for a quick house sale that doesn’t take lots of time and effort to make happen.

Selling property quickly shouldn’t be a chore, which is why we take care of all the hard work on your behalf.

We are the leading online property buyers in the UK and Scotland, so if you want to get your home sale moving, get in touch today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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