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The face of the property market has changed drastically over the past decade.

More and more people are turning to online property agents to value and sell their property in a way that is simple and convenient for them.

However, not all of these companies are created equal, and we wanted to find out exactly what all of these services are offering in terms of property valuation.

We used various example properties from around the world and put their details into several different online property valuation tools to see what kind of values they were providing.

The results were very interesting, and the spread was incredible from each company, as shown here with the lowest, average and highest prices offered.

Our simple test showed a difference of 97% between the lowest and highest valuation for the same property.







Professional property valuations

When we dug a little deeper, we realised that not all these companies were completely upfront about their valuation process.

Very often they would offer a very high price to draw you in, then further down the line when you were more committed to the sale, they would offer a price that was drastically lower.

Other companies would never even survey the property in person, meaning they were providing their offers based solely on third party information and secondary sources of data.

Valueing a property like this can never take into account the condition of the property, or any improvements made such as a conservatory or a new kitchen or bathroom.

This is why some companies would offer such low prices, they are assuming the worst about your property and providing an offer that reflects this.

Here at Home Sales Fast, we think that online valuations are great as a first step, as it provides homeowners with a ball park figure of what they can expect to receive for their property if it is in good condition.

However, we firmly believe that the true value of a home can only be acsertained in person, using a professional property surveyor that can take into account all the fine details of your property.

This way we can see if your home has anything that might add to the value, or take away from it, such as cracks in the walls or problems such as rising damp.

This is the only way that a fair and accurate valuation can be made on your property, and it is the only way we operate.

We are also very upfront regarding our service, so that homeowners know that the initial offer we make will almost always change, since no online valuation tool can ever take into account all the aspects of a property when providing a figure.

We are one of the UK’s leading online property buying services with years worth of experience buying and selling homes in the UK.

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Property Valuation FAQs

It's ok to ask questions, so if this handy FAQ section doesn't address any of your queries please get in touch and we will endeavour to answer any questions you have.

After you have touched base with us either via our online form or by phone, we will provide you with an initial offer for your home.  If you like this initial offer, we will progress to the next stage, where we will have a professional property surveyor come to your house and inspect the property.  This will then provide us with the final offer that is free and non-obligatory.

Our initial offer is made using online sources relating to your home, and should be viewed as a ball-park figure.  Once we have professionally surveyed your property in person, we will then make our final offer.

Our initial offer is made up of several online sources, so that we can provide and accurate initial figure.  Since we use experienced property experts to accurately value your property for our final offer, you know that you are getting a valuation that is credible.

Of course! If the value provided by our property expert is higher, we will raise our offer in line with this valuation.

In a real world scenario, your property is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

Local estate agents will very often provide a valuation that is high to begin with in order to get the sale, then they will gradually mark the price down when it doesn’t sell.

Eventually the property will sell for a price that reflects what the property is worth, which is what we try to do right from the start.

It is true that selling a property on the open market will generally achieve a higher price than selling your house quickly online, however you will often have to wait months for a sale.

We can get you a quick house sale that is generally 10-20% less than a sale on the open market in just 7 days.

Our valuation service is completely free of charge, just like our whole service which is has no fees whatsoever.  You are not obliged in any way to take up the offer we make for your home.

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If you want to sell your home quickly, you can get started today with our easy online valuation tool.

This is the first step for selling your property, and simply consists of entering your property address and details about you.

If you like the offer we make we then proceed to the next step of haveing your property professionally survey by our property experts.

This process could all be completed in less than a week, you could be closing the deal on your home.

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Once you have confirmed that you would like to proceed based on our initial offer, here's what you can expect to happen...

What happens next?

Step 01

You will receive two phone calls.

  • One call from us to arrange an appointment from our professional surveying team.
  • The other call will be from the solicitor that we will appoint you to take care of all the legal paperwork.

Step 02

You will need to then complete and return the paperwork to the solicitor. Please note that, until the solicitor receives this, we cannot progress to the final offer stage.

Step 03

When all of the legal details have been taken care of and we have assessed the survey report, we will make you a final offer.

Step 04

You can then accept the offer and confirm a completion date that works for you!

How much is my house worth?

Due to market rates and fluctuations, the final sale value can differ from the initial price that we offer you.

This depends heavily on the time scale that you are looking to sell your property.

If you are looking for a house sale straight away, just let us know and we will speed the process up.

A quick sale is always dependant on your ability to work through the legal paperwork and accept our final offer.

Remember that our final offer is always guaranteed to be the amount that you are paid.

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90 days +
3-bedroom cottage
Southwick, Sunderland
£48,000 £58,000 £64,000
4-bedroom terraced townhouse
Cranleigh, Surrey
£296,000 £352,000 £389,000
5-bedroom detached house
Much Hadham, Hertfordshire
£788,000 £936,000 £1,035,000

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