If you and the rest of your family have been left with a property in a will and you are not sure what to do with it, this guide is intended for you.

An empty property can very quickly rack up fees that can become rather extensive if the property is not sold in a quick fashion.

There are a number of important processes along the way that have to be taken care of before the house can be sold.

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Executors Of Inherited Property

The executors will be named in the will, and they will be responsible for paying any taxes, clearing any debts and distributing the estate.

This can usually take several months to finalise, and during this time the property can very often rack up costs such as bills, repairs and other fees.

One silver lining is that if the property has a mortgage, most lenders will sympathetic to your situation and can issue a grace period when payments are suspended while the estate is sorted.

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Selling An Inherited Property

There is already a lot to do when you inherit a property, which can really draw out the process and make it tricky to finalise a sale.

First thing you need to do is get the house ready for sale, which generally involves clearing out all of the possessions in the property.

If there are a number of parties involved in the sale of the house, it is important to establish a written agreement of how the assets will be divided up, if it is not already mentioned in the will.

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Fast Inherited House Sale

To get to this point could have already taken a few months, and many families will be looking for a quick sale of their inherited property.

After our initial valuation, we use professional surveyors to determine the true value of the property, so that we can make you a final offer that is fair and reflective of our fast and easy service.

After this offer, you could have the funds in your bank account in a little as one week.

Most importantly, we take care of all the legal work and fees, which means you get a hassle-free service without any additional costs on top.