Remortgaging a property is when you choose to take on a new mortgage for your property.  Normally this will have different interest rates from your existing mortgage.

Although this may seem very appealing, there is a lot that you should carefully consider before choosing this process.

Your mortgage is a significant financial commitment. Remortgaging is no different and can come with added risks.

Some of the most common reasons for remortgaging are as follows:

    • Saving on costs
    • A mortgage agreement nearing its end
    • Looking to settle your mortgage more quickly
    • The value of your property may have changed
    • To pay off other debts you have incurred

remortgage house

Problems With Remortgaging A Property

Remortgaging your property isn’t always the best option for you and can prove costly as well as being a risky venture.

One of the biggest issues with remortgaging your property is the value of your home dropping.  It is important to keep an eye on the property market as you could find yourself paying more than your property was originally worth due to depreciation and property market changes.

Be wary of this if you are planning to remortgage your property.


remortgage property


Another issue that you could experience if you are looking to remortgage your property is credit checks. Lenders are very strict when it comes to repayments, therefore if you had any issues with repayments for your last mortgage then there is a high chance your application may be declined.

Remortgaging your property may not always be the best strategy if you are looking to reconfigure finances to pay off debts. One of the reasons for this is that the current mortgage deal you have may well have a better interest rate and repayment plan in the long term.

remortgage house

Selling Your Property Quickly To Settle Debts

There are of course alternatives that you can choose. One action you may well wish to consider is a quick sale of your property.  Selling your property can be a much faster and smoother experience than remortgaging your property.

By choosing to sell your property through our service, you are guaranteed a fast sale as well as a cash offer for your property. This is the ideal solution for any debts as it can resolve them quickly as well as getting you a great deal for your home.

Selling your home can be a low-stress alternative to remortgaging your property. We dedicate a member of our team to guide you through the process to make sure that you fully understand how it works and the offer that you will receive.